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New Apple ads for the Mac
I quite like the new ads that Apple have made, finally talking about their computers rather than the iPod. The idea of having people play the parts of a Mac and a PC is simple and effective, and the clothing, age and personas of the actors are appropriate. I particularly like the Networking one. Less so the one referring to a review by the Wall Street Journal.

If you haven't seen them, visit http://www.apple.com/getamac/, or for oakalyptus, they're in /Users/Shared/Movies/Apple on Cashew.

In other Apple news - well, lack of news, really - I'm still waiting for the MacBooks to be released. :-(

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Cute ads. (Cute Mac too, hehe). Did you not download the WSJ one, or did I just not pick up on the reference?

MacBook. *drool*

We need to nag Donna into getting a new computer - hers is deathly slow. I wonder if she could be talked into a Mac.

Never mind - I saw the WSJ one.

Not sure why I didn't download it. I might have accidentally deleted it from the list.

I don't think Donna's a hard-core gamer, so a Mac would be ideal. What does she need aside from office software, web browser, email, etc?

Nah. Mildly amusing, but it's too long for an ad spot and it does a lousy job of conveying to viewers the benefits of MacOS X.

Heh, I just find it funny because I've soooo been there (Late nights with Avid and the debacles of it trying everything in its power to thwart my efforts of doing my fucking work).

Every time I see one of those "We, like, so totally don't crash!" ads my blood boils a little.

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