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Merchant of Venice: waiting
Play selection committee meeting tonight. I won't be going, but I am eagerly awaiting the meeting notes, as tonight they should be deciding between the propsals Rod and I submitted to direct The Merchant Of Venice. Or to use its full title: "The Comical History of the Merchant of Venice, or Otherwise Called the Jew of Venice". I don't think will be using the full title...

Essentially it'll be a choice between a sixteenth century setting (Rod's proposal) and a pre-WWII setting (my proposal). Place your bets.

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Oooooh - keep us posted! I hope that I will be able to audition, I really don't know if parenthood will allow me the time, but here's hoping - Merchant really is my favorite Shakespeare play - the perfect mix of everything!

They wimped out. The PSC couldn't decide between the two proposals so they're deferring to the main Hartwell Committee, as if they'd have any better chance. Though I guess the committee may decide more on practical considerations than artistic merits.

Oh well, more waiting. At least I get to skip the next committee meeting. :-)

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