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The making and sending of screenshots
Over time, my intolerance of poor netiquette is being worn down as water wears down rocks in a stream. The email says "opex codes set up as below", followed by a screenshot. Now, I could point out that we didn't need to see the screenshot: the two lines of text in the screenshot would have been sufficient. But I'll let that one slide. After all, typing out the words would have cost valuable time.

I also can't complain that a huge bitmap was sent: it arrived as a 139Kb message.

The gripe? It was a full screen capture. There was no thought of resizing the window and using Alt-PrintScreen (grab active window), or even grabbing the one window in its maximised state. Anything more than "PrintScreen, Paste" is too difficult.

In fairness, I expect many people don't even know about Alt-PrintScreen. So, there are two problems. Firstly, operating systems don't seem to provide readily accesible tools for capturing part of a screen - it's either full screen or active window. Secondly, even if the capability was there, users would either not be aware of it, or not bother using it.

On a related note, I want to find a better screen capture utility for MacOS X. On Windows, I'm using the freeware MWSnap, which is flexible and allows cursor-controlled precision. MacOS has Grab, but it's not quite what I want. Similar situation with KDE.
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