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Waking up in a tent and coming back from Bacchus Marsh after filming our entry for The Shoot Out (see earlier post). Sausages for breakfast, with Shane playing his version of Truth & Dare: asking us all what we'd do in tricky hypothetical situations. Lots of sexuality questions (eg. "if you were in prison with no access to women...", "who would you turn for?", plus one that we promptly cut off before Deborah couold be further freaked out), plus standard dilemas, like whose life you'd choose to save.


I took the "let's postpone Easter" thing literally, then found I was the only one not giving out chocolate goodies. At least I scored the last bag of hot cross buns at 11:45 the night before. Messy chocolatey kids.

Also, Theresa finished the DVD copy of the short film. Hopefully we'll have a screening night soon so that we can hand out copies.


Kids sick. Well, Josh at least, and he seems to have given it to Theresa. As I write this, I think I have a cold too. Yay. Went to visit Tony briefly. This was a mistake. He doesn't understand brevity. I love him and want to offer support (even repeated minor variations of the same support), but I should only have to say "we have to go" twice, not five times.


My three new camera batteries have arrived, which makes me happy. I hope they are decent this time. I've labelled them to distinguish them from the crappy ones I have lying around. I'm keeping the chrager at work where I can more easily avoid overcharging, and shall charge them on a rotating basis.


House is a repeat. This is a good thing, as it's Hell week and we'll all be out at rehearsal.

All done.
Bye bye.
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