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The Shoot Out
Last night was our night in Bacchus Marsh, filming our entry for the Geelong franchise of The Shoot Out. Shane originally wrote a script called Need A Lift, which we practiced last Friday. Then he wrote (in one day) The Interview, which turned out to be a better script for the purpose of filming without being allowed to edit out-of-camera. Plus most of it was filmed inside (good thing we got a cabin rather than tents), so we stayed warm.

I'm looking forward to seeing the final copy; Deborah and I came home early afternoon, leaving Shane and Theresa to dub voiceovers on the submission VHS.

Now: Tired. Sleep soon, although Deborah is partying tonight and I'll be picking her up so she can sleep before work at 7am. She's going to be so exhausted tomorrow!

Suggestions are already flying for next year's Shoot Out. I like the ideas of using all Shooting Stars and using all 15 things. Or perhaps the challenge of being a shooting star: an actor who tries to get into as many films as possible in the 24-hour festival.