Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Trying this one line journal thing...

Friday: Practice run for next week's trip to The Shoot Out. We were out till 1:30 AM and got 1 minute 49 seconds of film. Next Friday is going to be a very long night.

Saturday: Dinner at Mexican Cantina in Narre Warren with Mace, Lindy, David and Kerryn. Good mains, average desserts, lowbrow but family-friendly service. Lots of "can I take that from youse?" in Aussie never-heard-Spanish-in-my-life accents.

Yesterday: Rehearsal, followed by dinner at Cafe Grande Forno. Slowly reconditioning myself to stop calling it Cafe Porno.

Misc: Theresa is making me a costume for As You Like It. I'm going to freeze to death, but it'll look good.
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