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Photos have never been this exciting!

I think I've found the ultimate pastime for young children: open your photo archives and click the slideshow button. Jesara and Joshua sat on my knee until my back hurt, totally delighted by seeing an endless array of photos of Mummy, Daddy, Deborah, themselves, and various other people. Jesara was most upset when I told her that it was time to stop and go to bed.

Jesara: "That would be funny, wouldn't it?" (She meant that the photos of antics and motion blurred faces themsselves were funny, but she's still getting her head around the language.)

While some photos got special comments, mostly it was an enthusiatic statement of the people in the photos.

Joshua: "Mummy."
Joshua: "Mummy."
Joshua: "Mummy."
Joshua: "Mummy."

(Four photos in a row.)

Jesara: "Oh! There's Kynen and me again!"
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