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Over the last few weeks, Deborah has been very civil to me: talking, smiling, saying goodnight, etc. as if she had read my LJ entry on 2003-07-07. I wonder if Theresa said anything to her. I don't think I feel a need to find out, though; Deborah's attitude toward me seems genuine. Perhaps school holidays just put her in a good frame of mind.

On the subject of birth control, I did speak to her about the pill and why it was on her mind. A school friend is pregnant. I said that I wanted to be sure she knew she had support in getting the pill or condoms even if she felt she couldn't talk to her Mum (which is not the case - she has already discussed it with Theresa).

That night (Wednesday), I left a packet of condoms on her pillow, wrapped in a ribbon, with this note attached:

Hi Deborah,

Sorry if I embarrassed you this morning by talking about birth control, etc. Just wanted to be sure that you know you have support in whatever you choose to do; you might decide you want the pill now; you might not decide that you're ready for sex for a few years; you might want to carry condoms so they're ready when you are; whatever.

Just promise you'll only ever have sex when you want to, not when you feel you should. This goes for other sex play too. No one should ever find themselves looking back at something regretfully and thinking "I wasn't really ready".

Good night, and sweet dreams about Ivan... ;-)


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