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Music: clean versions on JJJ
I double-checked my radio frequency last night after hearing a clean version of a song on JJJ. It's more common to hear unedited tracks, preceeded by a brief language warning. I wonder if this is a policy change, or a reflection of the younger demographic that tunes into Super Request. Actually, I reckon they just had an edited version conveniently on hand.

Interesting, too, the words obscured. Not only "fuck", but "period", as in "everytime I go down on a girl, she's on her period". Yes, I am indeed referring to the charming track Everytime by Butterfingers.

Now I just need to listen out for 77% from The Herd to see if the lyric "these cunts need a shake up" remains intact.

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"Hmmm, I'd hate to get confused and download Butterfingers' Everytime from iTunes instead of Britney's. What a nasty shock that would be for me..."

No need to download it: we've already got it. :-)

Admittedly it's not to your taste, though, being hip-hop. Plus, some of the lyrics come across as offensive if you forget that it's a quirky song that's not intended to be taken seriously.

"Everytime I pat a dog he bites me on the hand; everytime I talk to aliens, they don't understand."

"Oh, and I forget to say how misogynistic te censors appear to be. What's so rude about a period?"

Agreed. The odd thing is that only words are censored; themes and concepts still come through in the context. I wonder though, whether Butterfingers were following any particular guidelines when they obscured "period", or whether they just felt it was something they should do.

"I'll swear they used to cut out the whole first verse, presumably because of the use of the word "placenta"."

I think we need to ask someone so we can get the real story. It may be placenta censorship, but I wouldn't be surprised if they just skip the first bit because it starts out at such a low volume.

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