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Music: clean versions on JJJ
I double-checked my radio frequency last night after hearing a clean version of a song on JJJ. It's more common to hear unedited tracks, preceeded by a brief language warning. I wonder if this is a policy change, or a reflection of the younger demographic that tunes into Super Request. Actually, I reckon they just had an edited version conveniently on hand.

Interesting, too, the words obscured. Not only "fuck", but "period", as in "everytime I go down on a girl, she's on her period". Yes, I am indeed referring to the charming track Everytime by Butterfingers.

Now I just need to listen out for 77% from The Herd to see if the lyric "these cunts need a shake up" remains intact.

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Hmmm, I'd hate to get confused and download Butterfingers' Everytime from iTunes instead of Britney's. What a nasty shock that would be for me...

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