Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

To direct or not to direct - that is the question...

I think I need to learn to accept that directing Shakespeare is hard and that I'm not ready for it.

At Play Selection, we chose The Merchant Of Venice for Hartwell's 2007 Shakespeare show, and I expressed interest in submitting a proposal to direct. I haven't finished reading the script yet, but I really like the story from all that I've read about it.

Now I could probably get a reasonable production going, but I worry that it would be rather flat and lacking in creativity and imagination. Katherine asked me what period I'd set it in and I answered that I haven't thought much about it yet, having not yet finished the script. She already has an idea in mind: set it in the 1930s just before the rise of facism. If she has ideas, but believes her Shakespeare directing days are years away, what am I doing considering it?
Tags: theatre

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