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More email insanity.
Oh, for fuck's sake! Recently, I had a gripe about a 1Mb image sent to staff, when it should have been formatted text with a few images thrown in.

Today, I read a message with nice clear Arial text, then noticed I couldn't copy a bit of text from it. It's a 3Mb image, and the only non-text content is the Commonwealth Games logo, plus a fancy "text art" heading.

I so very much wish we had a blind staff member who uses a screen reader. Someone who could put in a complaint and make it stick. All I can do is join the hoard of people complaining that simple messages that are 3Mb in size quickly fill up our lousy 80Mb mailbox quotas. Oh, did I say hoard? I haven't heard any complaints today - perhaps people have grown tired of it or become accustomed to the insanity.

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Or perhaps people just don't get as annoyed by it as you and just move on with life :p Don't let stupid people ruin your day!

Indeed. :-)

In reality, I've learned to live with it and have already moved on. I'm just not sure that it's a good thing that I've just let it go. People -should- care about accessibility. This is just internal company email with a known audience, so it's no big deal. But it's indicative of the current state of the Internet, were so many people are blind to issues to do with accessibility, design and standards - and the benefits that come from caring about these issues.

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