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Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.

Well, Christmas was good. (Yes, I do like to take my time when posting.) Deborah was working on Boxing Day, so it took us three days to see three families. I got wine fridges, which Theresa kindly let me use early, so now I can avoid wine getting cooked in the heat that gets trapped within this concrete house. Blocks of chocolate can rest on the bottle necks, keeping them in good shape. Deborah gave me a bottle of Absolut Vanilla Vodka, which is now sitting in the freezer. Very good stuff. Smells devine.

I got them something for Sat 25 Mar 2006, but I haven't yet admitted to what it is. I'm surprised I wasn't pressed for more information. So, now I need to figure out whether to divulge the nature of the gift at some point, or whether we just jump in the car and go on the day...

Valentine's day was good. Well, not Tuesday 14/Feb, but Sat 11/Feb. I generally don't subscribe to the Valentine's Day thing, but I felt like doing something, so I hired a skip and we spent the weekend cleaning up the garage. My thoughful and unromantic gesture was well received, as Theresa has been wanting to de-clutter for a while. I figure the next step will be to get rid of the kids so that we can reclaim our loungeroom floor and free it from stickers and dinner remains.

In the evening, Theresa got a Terry's Chocolate Orange, which we devoured (along with muscat) whilst watching Muriel's Wedding. Good stuff.

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