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Muriel's Wedding
We just watched Muriel's wedding and at the end, Theresa made the wise comment, "so all she needed to grow up was a good solid fucking", referring to the way the title character slept with her husband of convenience, then suddenly realised that she was a success because of who she is, not because of a wedding or a loveless marriage. I want to hear her film critiques more often.

We talked about how the film is quite sad for a comedy (IMDB says comedy/romance; I'd say comedy/drama). Or is it tragically funny for a drama? This reminded me of Thank God He Met Lizzie, which Theresa hasn't seen. While we're adding Australian drama to our list of films to revisit, I wouldn't mind seeing The Quiet Room again.

Though The Quiet Room is probably my favourite micro-budget film, it appears the story was almost an afterthought. Apparently it came about because Rolf de Heer needed money to pay the rent, and he set out to make a film with little more than what he had: daughters who could not act. This was the motivation for a girl who didn't speak. The story then formed around that.