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Refillable highlighters.
My yellow highlighter has the word "refillable" on it. Who actually refills their highlighters? Who would even know where to get the stuff you need to refill, or how to get the stuff into the pen?

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Refils can probably be purchased from stationary specialists.
I'm not sure if you can get these from Officeworks, but I know some arts suppliers (such as Eckersleys) do sometimes stock refils. They could possibly tell you how to refil the highlighter too. ;)

Thanks. Of course, I don't actually need a refill, as I'm not a compulsive highlighter. It's just interesting that in this age where more things are made to be discarded than are made to be reused, someone might actually refill a $2 consumable...

I suppose there is that.
Though I find that there are some instances, where having refillable equipment, and spare refils is more useful than simply buying another consumable (mind you, those instances are few and far between)

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